Many people can’t find jobs. Yet employers can’t find people with the right entry-level skills. How can we close this gap?

Engineers are in short supply, especially in Operations and Maintenance  Currently the sector employs around 238,000 people (2010 figures), directly and indirectly and expects this to rise to 450,000 by 2020. That’s on average, 450 new European wind energy jobs per week from 2010-2020. The number of new workers required by the European offshore wind industry is expected to soar between 2015 and 2020, but there is no sign yet that the industry’s biggest players are coordinating efforts to ensure a sufficient flow of candidates with the right skills.

Multi-skilled workers needed, rather than renewables ‘experts’

Finding workers with the right combination of skills is already challenging. The sector needs experienced project managers, especially in offshore wind and cables, but it also needs sales and account managers and environment managers. Offshore wind will be competing with other sectors for workers, among them, automotive and offshore oil and gas. While many colleges are keen to develop renewable energy-specific training courses, offshore wind employers do not generally see themselves as requiring renewable energy ‘experts’. Instead, they are seeking multi-skilled workers – people with electrical and mechanical engineering experience, not one or the other.

PROFILES/ MANAGERS: Competences in planning and execution within all required stages of development and construction of offshore wind farms: Project, Environment, Engineering design, Wind turbine generators (WTG), Electricity, Foundations, Onshore installations Structure.

There is a problem finding people with broad-spectrum skills (IT, hydraulics and high voltage skills) and the industry can’t afford to pay offshore oil and gas prices of €1,200-1,500/ day.

Exciting jobs

The appeal of offshore wind jobs needed to be better communicated. Offshore wind roles can offer the adventure of marine work, without long periods away from home and family. Local people who want the adventure of working at sea, but they can also be home with their families at night.

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